A Girl and A Travel Trailer

Stuffing the Trailer for Sandy Recovery

Turns out my CRAZY PLAN is contagious!

I am staying with a friend in Cincinnati whose kids go to The New School Montessori. They were Facebooking the whole thing.. so there are more pictures here.

When they heard I was heading to New Jersey to volunteer in the Sandy Zone they decided to have their holiday donation drive early.


And boy did they stuff it!

Some of the younger children decorated boxes and filled them with things like bubbles, play-doh, toys and snacks for the kids who  may not be staying in a home.

FOX19 came out and interviewed some students and shot video of them literally stuffing the trailer.

Here is a link to the story: Stuffing the Trailer.


I plan on heading out Sunday and will probably get to the New Jersey coast on Monday.

Now that I know what I have I have been reaching out to groups in the beachfront areas that are having a tough time to see who needs the supplies.

I’ll post and tweet along the way.


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