A Girl and A Travel Trailer

A Look Inside Tin Can Dreams



I thought I would give you a little tour of the @TinCanDreams. There is a lot to see but it literally takes a blink of the eye to see it all.

This is the back, looking from the door way.. which is at the end of the couch. The couch pulls out to leave just enough room to walk between it and the dinette to make the bed.

The cushions lay flat. When I had the cushions done I had them put one of those memory foam with the cool beads in with the bottom cushion so it has a little extra padding.

The chandelier and “old hollywood” lamp (that’s what the previous owner called it) are from the previous owner.

Under the benches is storage – it is kind of a pain because you have to take the cushions off to get to it. But space is space.


This is a wider shot… you can see the ceiling where Coco – the previous owner put chicken-wire on the ceiling. There are slots so you can slide pictures or postcards or whatever up there.

The back area also had a pull down bed but when Coco put the bead board up it sort of ruined the old latch holes and fittings.

I plan on making it a bulletin board area. Maybe add a shelf… more lovely storage.











This is the closet door area. On the right you can just see the refrigerator. This is what you see directly in front of the door.

You can see a little more storage and right now that is what is in the closet too. That and now I have 3 marine batteries I am attempting to coordinate for power.

This is the kitchen. Directly to the right of the door. It has a working 3-burner propane stove and oven, and an electric/propane refrigerator. All work, amazingly. The faucet works but it is really just a drip so I don’t use it. I have a water jug with a spigot. When I was staying at the state park I cook the same meals I would at home.

Here’s a closer look at the dinette with the window.

It is small but feels pretty room. At the trailer warming part we had easily 3 to 4 adults and sometimes a kid or two and it didn’t really feel bad. Living more than one or two would be rough, though.

And so concludes the tour.






3 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Good Tour. Looks functional. I also liked the one about the campground bathroom with the good water pressure. Keep em coming.

    November 10, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    • Anonymous

      this is Joel.

      November 10, 2012 at 6:23 pm

  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE what you have done with the place! VERY lovely and homey.

    November 10, 2012 at 6:01 pm

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