A Girl and A Travel Trailer

Re-Stuffing the Trailer or Sorting Saturday

One of the things we had been hearing was Sandy Zone had been inundated with clothes. So we decided to pre-sort the stuff we thought they would really need – coats, blanket, gloves, sweats and hats out from the other clothes AND get all the other supplies pre-sorted to save Sandy volunteers time on that end.




As you can see it takes a mess to get in order. Michelle Gardner, my friend and mother of two students at The New School Montessori, volunteered to help.

Two other kids, Lucy and Whit Dustman also showed up to lend a hand.





We had the kids make the boxes the children had decorated when the reporter was here so they were a bit rushed and sort of thrown together. Michelle’s girls, Dawson (the blonde) and Gardner (the brunette) helped us un-pack the boxes. It was like a giant match game.. bubbles go with bubbles, play doh goes with play doh, and so on.













Then Lucy came along and created a system to spread the wealth among the boxes.

When her younger sisters showed up she put them to work. Lucy I suspect will be a CEO one day.. not only a hard worker, but she has the skills of Tom Sawyer.

It took three hours but we got it done and the trailer re-stuffed.


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